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The site you are about to read is the (website inserted here). Please read through the following carefully to be aware of your legal rights and obligations with respect to Reward Group apps (RGA) before using any part of the site. Attempting to use this site simply means that you are aware of and understandthe privacy policy (hyperlink inserted in this word). By using this site, you have therefore entered a binding agreement with us and are legally bound to comply with the terms of use of this site. By accessing this site, you have hereby waived any rights under applicable law. This means that you do not have any right to request an original signature, delivery or retention of non-electronic records. Using this site is not mandatory and therefore, if you won’t abide by these terms, then you do not need to use or even access this site.  

  1. Modification: The terms of this site can be altered at any point in time as we have the right to do so. Any changes we make on these terms become effective after ten days of the updated version on the site. If you continue to access this site thereafter, you have agreed to the changes made on the terms.
  2. Ability to Accept Terms: This site is not designed for ages below 18 years. So please, do not access or visit this site if you are under the required age of 18.
  3. Site Access: You have unrestricted access to the site during the period the terms are in effect, provided you comply with the terms and applicable law of the site.
  4. Restriction: you would not be allowed to
  1. Cause any change either by copying, distributing or modifying any part of the site without a prior written permission by us.
  2. Transform any content which would be explained in no 6 of these terms. The transformation herein isto use, modify, create derivative works, reproduce, distribute, display or disclose, Modify, create, use, transfer (through sale, license, download, sublicense or otherwise) any content without an authorization.
  3. Interrupt any network or server linked to the site.
  4. Access this site by using or launching any automated system ( including without limitation, spiders and robots)
  5. Use features that will restrict or enforce limitation on the use of contents on the site or make use of tools to disable, circumvent or interfere with security related features of the site.
  6. Intellectual property rights:
  1. Content and marks:  all the contents and marks contained on the site are properties of RGA and its licensors and they are all protected by intellectual property law, applicable copyrights and treaties. (i) Contents of the site include the text, without limitation, brochures, articles, software, description, products, graphics, sounds, videos, interactive feature, photos,  services, the user submission( as defined in number 7 below) and also the materials. (ii) The marks on the site are the trademarks, service marks and logos. Also, the site, the logo, and other marks are still marks of RGA together with its affiliates. The trademarks, service marks and logos that are used on this site are marks of their respective owners.All rights are completely reserved to content of the site.
  2. Use of Content: Every content on the site is made available for the users to give out more info and should not be used, copied, modified, broadcasted, transmitted, displayed, de-complied, distributed, sold, reverse engineered, or otherwise exploited for any other purpose ( which could include: without limitation, or to create derivative works)without our written consent before that time. Any download or print of a copy of the content must retain the copyright and other proprietary notices that are contained in it.
  3. Third Party Sources and Content
  1. Third party source(s) are referred to as (i) third party websites and services and also (ii) our customers and partners. This site gives you permission to view, link to, access and use content from third party sources that are not being controlled by us. With this site, you would also be enabled to interact and communicate with third party sources.
  2. The third party source is totally independent. Therefore any content, privacy policies, actions or practices of any third party sources will not be accounted for by us. It is strongly advised to read the third party source’s terms of use and privacy policies carefully before communicating with them on any grounds.
  3. All warranties regarding the usefulness and appropriateness or intellectual property rights (definition can be seen below) of, or relating to any third party content is entirely not our responsibility and we expressly disclaim such.
  4. If you use this site, you are liable to get exposed to certain contents from the third party. This content may be offensive, inaccurate, indecent, or objectionable but you have the choice to either interact with the third party source or not. Your decision to interact with the third party source or make use of or view the third party content is solely at you risk.
  5. Your use of the third party content hereby means that you have agreed to waive any legal and equitable rights or remedies that are against reward group apps. So you have thereby released RGA from all liabilities that arise from your interaction with the third party content or sources. Any queries or complaint that you might have regarding any third party content or third party source should be directed to the third party source. You would be fully responsible for any interaction you make with the third party source.
  6. User Submissions.
  1. Responsibility: you and every other user on this site are permitted to share, host, and publish any content (“User Submission”). Any User Submissions made on this site by you will your sole responsibility and you will have to bear the penalty for publishing them. If you decide to either publish any user submission or not, we do not guarantee any confidentiality pertaining to any User Submission. Understand that we have the right and can decide to publish your User Submissions without informing you to censor, edit, monitor, delete or remove any content that has been previously posted on this site (including user submission) at any time and for any reason based on our discretion.
  2. Ownership:  you have the necessary rights and permission to access or use this site and to use all the intellectual property right (definition can be seen later in this number) and to use your User Submissions as designed by the site. The references on this site shall always include reference to User Submission except if the User Submission is referred to separately. Your ownership rights that are related to your User Submissions will all be retained. All rights, titles and interest which could either be domestic or foreign , in and to any trade secrets, patents, copyrights, trademarks, service marks, know-how, moral rights, right of privacy, rights under the laws and regulations of governmental authority, regulatory authority ,judiciary authority and other similar intellectual property rights are the complete definition of what “Intellectual Property Rights” means.
  3. License to User Submission: If you submit your User Submission to reward group apps, be sure to have given them a non-exclusive, irrevocable, worldwide, royalty- free, sub licensable, perpetual and entirely transferrable license to use , distribute, reproduce, prepare, derivative works of display, and a complete right to perform User Submissions that is connected with the site and RGA business which would include no limitation whatsoever in redistributing part or all of your User Submissions through any media channel and in any media formats. This also means that your moral rights have been automatically waived off in your User Submissions and that is 100% permitted by law. You have also granted permission to any user of the site or viewers of your User Submissions access to reproduce, distribute, use, prepare derivative works of, perform and display your User Submissions according to the terms of the site.
  4. Prohibited Content: Using this site means that you have agreed not to post, display, submit, transmit, publish or upload a User Submissions that: (i) under the consumer protection laws is totally unjust or deceptive. (ii) Is protected and copyrighted by trade secret and other related proprietary rights such as privacy rights, publicity right except if these rights belong to you. (iii) makes a person’s health or safety, public health or safety, national security and enforcement of law or expression of investigation to be at risk. (iv) aims at impersonating another person.(v) advances illegal dealing such as drugs, gambling, arms trafficking and that is against the control law of the country. (vi) encourages unlawful, libelous, defamatory, threatening, harassing, pornographic,hateful, racially offensive characters that would be considered criminal and may in turn gives rise to violation of the law and civil liability.  
  5. Exposure: Accessing this site will result in some kinds of exposure: (i) RGA will not be responsible for the accuracy, usefulness, safety or intellectual property that you will be exposed to from different sources. (ii) you will surely be exposed to offensive, objectionable or indecent User Submissions but you have agreed to waive any consequences and hereby do waive any legal rights against RGA that concerns (i) and (ii) listed above.
  1. Information Description: This site is not guaranteed to be completely error free or totally reliable although we try as much as possible to make it accurate. The site is liable to be changed by us at any time and we would not be obliged to inform you of any changes made to it so if you are using this site, it means that you are taking full responsibility of the content being used and you will bear the risk of its usage.
  2. Disclosure; The right to access, read, preserve and disclose any information that is obtained by our connection to this site is entirely reserved. We believe that our reserved right is important to (i) satisfy any regulation, applicable law, legal process, subpoena or governmental request (ii) detect and prevent any imminent fraud, security breach or technical issues (iii) make sure the terms of the sites are adhered to and discover any violation to them. (iv) actively interact and provide valid answer user’s request for support.(v) provide adequate protection of rights, property and safety of RGA, users of the site and the public.
  3. Links:
  1. Herein this site are links that will give you access to post content to third party websites which as mentioned earlier are not subjected to RGA. Any links to third party content or sources will be considered as doing your own biddings without the backing of RGA and this means you would take full responsibilities of whatsoever consequences that follows. (i) Any contents that would be sent between you and the third party website will be your sole responsibility. (ii) By accessing the third party’s website, you have released RGA from any obligation that arises later on. You would do yourself a big favor if you read the privacy policy, terms and condition of the third party website you visit.
  2. You have the permission to link to the site given that (i) you do not make a copy of the page on this site; (ii) any hyperlink text should not forfeit the content of the site; (iii) you do not misrepresent the RGA or your relationship or give out false information about RGA which would indicate a different approval of another kind of product or services except if we have given you permission to do so;  (iv) your website is ready to comply with the terms of this site (v) you do not link a website that contains content such as (a) encroaches the intellectual property, privacy rights and other related rights of any individual.
  1. Privacy: You have agreed by using this site that we can make use of the personal information that has been provided by you which is in line with our privacy policy(hyperlink inserted in this word).
  2. Warranty Disclaimers
  1. Even though the services provided by this site might not be for payment, this section still applies to because the applicable law doesn’t give room for exclusion of Some warranties.
  2. This site is without warranties of any kind as it is based on ‘as is’ and ‘as available’. RGA therefore disclaims all warranties, express or implied, it is not limited to warranties that are implied only which is of merchant ability, title, non-infringement, fitness of a particular reason and for those that pertain to stature or from that has to do with a course of dealing or usage of trade. RGA does not give total assurance that this site will not experience security breaches, bugs or virus attacks and due to system upgrade and maintenance, there is no guarantee that the site will be always available. RGA will not be responsible for any connection with third party that may cause technical issues with the internet or traffic congestion of any sort and your usage of this site means you agree bear these responsibilities. Any product, content or services that is advertised or featured by a third party is not endorsed by us.
  3. We do not endorse, warrant or guarantee any content neither do we make any representation or warranty that may appear in any User Submissions. We hereby disclaim such content.
  4. By using this site, you have acknowledged taking full responsibility for the User Submissions or conduct either legal or illegal of any site user and you will bear the risk of any danger or harm that will result from this.
  5. If you make use, access and rely on any content from this site, or interact with a third party on this site, you have agreed to handle the risk on your own. RGA will not be responsible for any query that might surface from using or accessing any third party contents.
  6. According to our privacy policy, we do not make any warranty, condition or representation to the security of any information provided by you on this site.
  7. RGA will always provide timely information about the products and services that we have on this site. To make this information available, RGA will need to get enough income which would be from the third party that features on this site. Just by clicking on the product offered by the third party, it will create an avenue for us to get the revenue we need to dispense adequate information to you. These incomes will not in any way influence the materials that have been presented by a third party on this site.
  8. Limitation of liability
  1. As the law will permit, RGA will not be legally responsible for any exemplary, special, indirect, or accidental damages of data, revenue, profits or reputation that have arose under these terms even if it has been prone to damage and known by RGA which arise from the usage or inability to use this site. Note that some jurisdictions currently do not give permission for some limitation or exclusion of liability for consequential damages and this may eventually not be applicable to you.
  2. The aggregate liability of RGA and all the damages involved will not in any case exceed a sum of US $ 1,000.
  1. Indemnity: You have therefore agreed by using this site to defend, indemnify and hold RGA and our affiliates guiltless and harmless from any claims, obligations, damages,losses,costs and liabilities that may arise from (i) using the site or being unable to use the site; (ii) your User Submissions; (iii) your relation with other site users or (iv) infringement of the terms in the site.
  2. Terms and Termination: all the terms on this site will remain effective except otherwise stated by RGA. RGA has the right to solely terminate the terms and access to this site at any time. RGA will not be subject to any explanation to you or any third party for the termination of the terms in this site. If you refuse to continue abiding by the terms in this site, you are free to stop the use of this site immediately. The above sections that will survive terminations are Intellectual property right(5), User submissions license(7.3), Privacy(11), Warranty disclaimers(12), Limitation of liability(13), Indemnity(14), Independent Contractors (16) and General (18).
  3. Independent Contractors: RGA and you are simply independent contractors. This means you should not see your relation with us as a form of partnership, joint venture, agency, or employment. You are hereby not permitted to enter into any kind of warranties, commitments for RGA.
  4. Assignment: You cannot assign or transfer any license, terms or rights but only RGA can do such without any prior notification to you.
  5. General: all the terms, condition and also relationship between RGA on this site is governed by the laws of the state of Israel.  The rights to modify or cause any change to this site at every time is reserved for RGA. You agree to waive any jurisdiction, venue or inconvenient forum objections of the court located in Tel Aviv-Jaffa and you will also agree to submit to the personal and exclusive jurisdiction of the same court. If any part of this term is considered faulty by this court, it won’t make the other terms on this site invalid and should hereby not be treated as such. This means any invalid terms will not make the valid ones invalid. The whole agreement between you and RGA is contained in the terms and condition of this site.  BY USING THIS SITE, YOU AGREE THAT ANY CAUSE OF ACTION WHICH RELATES TO THIS SITE MUST BEGIN FOR THE FIRST YEAR OF ITS USAGE AND IF THIS IS NOT DONE, THEN SUCH CAUSE WILL UNDERGO A COMPLETE PROHIBITED.