Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

At Reward Group Aps, we value the privacy rights of our users and we strive to ensure that ourpolicies and protocols reflect this. Accordingly, we created a privacy compliance framework, one that is maintained on a regular basis, that will allowour users to get information and exercise their rights with respect to their information and privacy.

With our privacy policy, our users can access data about the information we collect, how we make use of it, and the options available to them about how this information can be used.

Information We Collect and How We Use It

When visitors visit our website, we automatically collect information pertaining to their actions on the site including how they interact with the content on the site, the site from which they are coming from, the next website they will visit afterwards as well as technical information about the device they are browsing with. Should you choose to use a “click to call” service, Reward Group Aps may collect and hold the phone number from which you made the call for up to a period of 3 months.

It is necessary for us to collect this user data as it provides information on analytics and statistics  which is then incorporated into the operations of the website to enable us provide our users with more services while improving on the already available ones. Payment wise, this information also enhances the resolution of issues in the payment gateways with our business partners, including clients, vendors and affiliates.

It is imperative to understand that Reward Group Aps will under no condition share your information with a third party except in cases where we are legally required to do so or as required to provide you with ourservices.

For an easier read, below is a comprehensive summary of the main components of ourprivacy policy. Visitors to the website will find this summarized privacy policy very useful, it features the highlights of the full version  in an easy to understand language.Notwithstanding, it is recommended that you do your best to read and understand the full privacy policy. We also encourage you torevisit it from time to time for any updates in the policy. If you have any suggestions or questions, you can contact us at:

It is pertinent to note that only the full version of our privacy policy is the legally binding one.

Go here for the full text

Privacy Policy

Last Updated: January, 2019

This privacy policy is designed to describe Reward Group Aps’ data collection and usage practices in connection with the website available at: (Reward Group Aps website) (along with the availableservices, features and subdomains), and in connection with the user’s interaction with any feature, content, offer, element or service available to them via the website. The section and sub-section headings used below are solely forthe purpose of helping you navigate this Privacy Policy andfor convenience of reading. It should not to be used for interpretive purposes.

Reward Group Aps reserves the right, in our sole and absolute discretion, to modifythis Privacy Policy at any time.In the event where we change our Privacy Policy, we will post the updated version on the website and the “Last Updated” statement at the bottom shall reflect the date from which the new version becomes effective.

Every visitor who accesses and uses the website past the effective date automatically consents to the newly modified Privacy Policy. If there are substantial changes in the policy, we will ensure that our users are duly notified with a more prominent notice, such as posting a notification on the website, seven (7) days prior to the effective date of the modified Privacy Policy. In which case, the changes will be effective seven (7) days after such a notification has been published.

This Privacy Policy includes:

  1. Terms of Use
  2. Information We Collect
  3. Consent, Choice and Modifications
  4. Reason for collecting the data and information
  5. Sharing Your data with Third Parties
  6. The connection to and Interaction with other Third Party Properties
  7. Access and Accuracy; Deletion
  8. Choices and Opt-Out
  9. Information Security
  10. Children’s Privacy
  11. Non-US Users
  12. Commitment
  13. Contact Us
  • Terms of Use

This Privacy Policy is a vital element of the websites Terms of Use (“the Terms”), a copy of which can be viewed at: Terms Of Use. Any capitalized term that has been left undefined in this Privacy Policy will be properly defined in the Terms.

  • Information We Collect

When you visit the website, or make se any of our availableservices, we may collect certain information pertaining your visit and usage of the website and its services, in either of the following ways:

  1. Information You Provide to Us:Before you are granted access to some of the services we offer, you will be required provide or submit certain bits of Personal Information. These features and/or services requiring your Personal Information are subject to your specific and active consent (e.g. newsletters which may become available in certain websites, promotional content and forms) and will only be collected upon your consent to this Privacy Policy, as describe below;

For the purposes of this Privacy Policy, “Personal Information”refers topieces of information that may be used, on its own or together with other pieces of information, to personally identify aperson. Personal Information includes information such as a first and last name, an email address, phone number, a home or other any physical address, and other relevant contact information. The IP address of the device your are accessing thewebsite may also be collected and classified under Personal Information. The IP address is located by your Internet Service Provider (ISP). We take care to safeguard every bit of Personal Information of users available to us and we do not use this information for user identification or personalization purposes.

  1. Third Party Forms and Services: The website lists, review and compares various Partners (inclusive of allthird party businesses, brands and commercial entities) together with the products and/or services they provide. On a regular basis, we mayprovide you with offers, services and products from our thesepartners through an online form to be filled outby you. Completing this form constitutes your consent to the use of the information provided on the form. We will use thisinformation to facilitate your connection and/or engagement with the particularpartner.

Also, if a user is interested in a particular Partner, either for their product or for the purpose of initiating a transaction with them, if you click on an icon or tab relevant to the Partner of interest, you may be redirected to the landing page of a website or an online form managed by the Partner. On the Landing Page of the website you were directed to, you may be required to input certain bits of information including Personal Information before you can proceed, this is generally referred to as Landing Page Info.It is important to understand that any information you provide on the Landing Page is collected and managed by the Partner who operates the website. This website will most likely have its own privacy policy and data collection practices information and it would be in your best interests to better understand the purpose of data collection and  how it is used.

  1. Contact Us. If you send us a ‘Contact Us’ (or similar) request, either by sending us an email using the provided email address in the site,by submitting an online form available on the website,or by several other means, you may be requiredto provide us with Personal Information. The information so provided, as well as the content of your approach, will be duly evaluated and used forthe purposes of processing and addressing your request and for our legitimate business purposes.
  1. Blogs, Newsletters, Surveys and Promotions. The website may contain a blog forum, reviews, and articles displaying information about our services, our partners, their products, and the relevant market vertical. On the website, you may also be offered the option of subscribing to newsletters and participating in surveys and other promotional activities which may or may not be managed by Reward Group Aps. In cases where they are not managed by us, then they are managed by our Partners or other third party services with which we engage. Either way, your in the course of your interaction with the website (whether you are responding on the blog forum, subscribing to a newsletter, or participating in a survey), you may be required to supply certain bits ofyour Personal Information. This information will be directly collected by the administering third party and theinformation so provided will be used according to ourPrivacy Policy,the Privacy Policy of the third party and for the purpose for which the information was provided.

Information We Collect from You. We collect information about your interaction with the website and your use of our services in the following ways:

  1. Device Information: We collect information about the device you are accessing the website from for delivering and compatibility purposes, as well as to determine thelanguage, geographic location and time zone. The Device Information includes: device type and version, operating system type, language and version, and any other piece of information that can be extracted out of a user agent, such as the type of browser and screen resolution.
  1. Interactions and Usage: The information we collect about your interaction with our website and the use of our services is used to enhance operations and improve services on the website as well as be in sync with our various partners and this parties we engage with. The type of information we collect about your interaction and use of our services include: URLs from which you were directed to the website and the URLs you are referred to from the website, URLs visited within the website and your specific actions with respect to the services, date/time stamp of the website visit and the duration of time spent on each webpage.
  1. Log Files: Reward Group Aps alsocollects information through server log files using tracking technologies like pixel tags which are deployed on the website. We use this Log Files information to track your interaction with the site, use of our services and to analyze trends.Log Files information may include internet protocol (IP) addresses as allocated to your device by your Internet Service Provider (ISP). This information so collected helps us to better understand your geographic location (country, region and language) which would in turn enable us customize our services in your own language and relevant to your location. Additionally, we use automated tools for Anti-Fraud purposes byanalyzing IP addresses to flag those that are fraudulent.
  1. Cookies and Similar Technologies. The website may use cookies and similar web tracking technologies like pixel tags and web beacons either administered by us or by third party service providers. A cookie is a small file with a string of characters. This file is sent to your computer when you first visit a website, if you ever visit that particular website again, the cookie allows that website to recognize your browser. Cookies may store your online preferences and other relevant bits of information about your engagement and interaction with the website. You can always reset your browser settings to disallow all cookies or to notify you of when a cookie is being sent to your browser so you can decide if to refuse or accept the cookies. Nonetheless, some of our features and services available on the website, may not function properly or may become unavailable to you in the absence of cookies. A pixel tag, often used in combination with cookies is a type of technology deployed on a website to track activity on websites.

You can find out more about Cookie Policy if you are interested in learning about the type of cookies we use on our website and the manner in which these cookies/tracking technologies are harnessed.

  1. Information we receive from Third Parties. Our website and services are operated in collaboration and sync with certain third parties we engage with such as our Partners and affiliates. For the purpose of facilitating this collaboration, we may receive certain information from third parties, like an internal user identifier generated and allocated  to each user by our system as well as a summary of your engagement with these third parties such as click, view, phone call, form submission and purchase. This information is held for only a limited time and is used specifically for purposes of resolving referrals and successful calls with our Partners and affiliates. We do not use this  information for any other purpose without your explicit consent.
  • Consent, Choice and Modifications

Our users are not under any legal obligation to use the website or provide uswith Personal Information and you are free to either provide or withhold your Personal Information. Using our website or engaging with our services constitutes to consent and acceptance of this Privacy Policy and the information standards that are described here. If you have issues with this Privacy Policy, please refrain from interacting with the website or using ourservices.

Some of ourservices will require you to submit specific Personal Information andin such cases, you can choose to not use our services if you do not want to provide the requested information. It is important to understand that you have the full right to withdraw consent of use of your Personal Information, even after you must have provided us with it.

  • Purposes for the collection of information

In addition to the uses of the information we collect mentioned elsewhere in this Privacy Policy, we also collect your Personal Information for the following

  1. To ensure that the website and our services are available to you.
  2. To develop new features,enhance the operations the website and improve our services.
  3. To count and trackreferrals and Ads.
  4. To adequately respond to your inquiries and other communications you may initiate
  5. To authenticate andvalidateyour access to our website and also flag fraudulentIP addresses via anti fraud monitoring.
  • Sharing Your Information with Third Parties.

We will not share the Personal Information you provide on the website with any third party unless under the following circumstances:

  1. Data Storage and Security Platforms.Reward Group Aps makes use of third party cloud and storage services to store and retain the information you make available to us. In essence,we have to share your Information with the third party entities that who provide storage services for the purpose of helping us store information and for other processing needs. These Data Storage and Security Platforms could be situated anywhere in the world. Examples of these entities include; Amazon Web Services (which privacy policy  can be found at:, and Xplenty (which privacy policy can be found at:, both platforms are Privacy Shield certified and further details can be found here. We go to great lengths to ensure that the Data Platforms we use are in compliance with applicable data protection lawsand maintain a strict privacy protection and data security policies. Nevertheless, theiractivities and practices are under the governance of their respective privacy policies.
  1. Social Media Platforms. We may share your not identified information with social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook strictly for operational and marketing purposes. Be aware that these social media platforms may combined the not identified information shared by us with the Personal Information you provided to them and to which you gave your separate and independent consent. Therefore,any action and/orPersonal Information which can be derived from the not identified information we shared is neither known to or controlled by us and at that point, it is subject to the social media platform’s own privacy policy.
  1. Other Third Parties.Reward Group Aps may share your information with various third parties that are in collaborationwith our business operations such as phone administration providers and customer service operators. These third parties enable us better understand how our users interact with our website and services to help us develop and improve them. We are required to make this information available to them when they revert their services. It is pertinent to note that these third parties may have their own privacy policies which govern their activities and practices. We will encourage our users to read and understand the privacy policies of the third parties we engage with and note where they are base or where their servers are located in the world.
  1. Enforcement. We may also share your Personal Information with any third party if we are under the believe that the disclosure of such information is reasonably necessary or helpful to;
  • Comply with the law, regulation, legal process, or governmental request where applicable
  • Implement our “Terms of Use”, including investigations of potential violations thereof
  • Disclose, impede, or address fraud and security issues.
  • Protect the rights, property or safety of Reward Group Aps, our Partners and affiliates, user(s) and the general public against harm.
  1. Partners and Products. In the case where you are interested in one of our Partners or in the products and services they offer and you choose to fill out an online form for the purpose of receiving additional information about the product or service of interest, we will be required to send/share your Personal Information to/with the relevant Partner. If you submit the Online Form without referencing any specific Partner or product, then we may share your Online Forms information with a Partner advise services or products match the description in your form.

In either case, by submitting an online form, you;

  • Consent to being contacted by the relevant partner via the information you provided into the form.
  • Acknowledge that Reward Group Aps does not have any control over how the relevant Partner may contact you, or the subject matter of such contact.
  • Acknowledge that every Partner may have their own unique privacy policies which may not necessary adhere to our ownPrivacy Policy.
  • Partners and their servers may be situated anywhere in the globe.
  1. Merger, Sale or Bankruptcy. In the event that Reward Group Aps, one of our Partners oraffiliates is acquired by, or merged with, a third party entity, or in the event that we or our affiliates sell all or a part of our/its assets, we may (and hereby reserve the right to) send/share the Personal Information and other information we have collected or received thus far to/with the acquiring entity. In such a situation, we will require the acquiring entity to provide its data practices both collection and usage and we will provide you with any of your rights as required by the jurisdiction of your residency.

Reward Group Aps, at our discretion may also share some of your non-Personal Information under the following circumstances with certain third parties:

Third parties we engage or collaborate with can offer to collect data from our website especially information related to how users’ engagement with the content and features either on our behalf, or for the purpose of  provisioning of their own services. This happens in cases where Reward Game Aps employs a third party technology, service or feature, or where we give such third party entities access to our website or technology for specific purposes.

In some cases, we make use of analytics tools, such as Google Analytics to help us understand users’ behavior on our website by tracking page content andmovements like click/tap, scrolls and keystroke activities. The practices and activities of these tools are governed to their respective PrivacyPolicies and they maychoose to use their own cookies in the provision of their services.Visit here for more information about Google cookies and here to opt out of Google Analytics.

  • Links to and Interaction with Third Party Properties.

We may provide links on our website that will direct users to the websites of our Partners and affiliates. Any Personal Information provided by users on these third party websites and other non-Personal information provided to the website by function of accessing the link is sent directly to the third party controlling the website. Although Reward Apsand our affiliated entities may come to agreements with the relevant third parties to which such data and Personal Information is shared back with, it is important to understand that we areneither responsible for the privacy policies of such third parties nor are we in control of their data practices. We recommend that our users familiarize themselves with the privacy policies as well as the terms and conditions of any third party entity before engaging them.

  • Access and Accuracy; Deletion

Except in specific cases and purposes as mentioned elsewhere in this Privacy Policy, Reward Group Aps does not hold Personal Information in a way that will allow us personally identify our users. Every user has the right to grant access to or request the deletion of their Personal Information in cases where they submitted such information or made use of one of our services that required the submission of Personal Information. Should you be interested in reviewing, editing or deleting any Personal Information you had previously submitted on our website, you can reach us at: Please note that processing your request may take up to 30 business days.

  • Choices and Opt-Out

Our users can choose to provide us with their information or not, you are completely free to make that choice. However, you also have the right to opt out of a previous agreement in regards to your Information and within jurisdiction of your residency. For example (where applicable and relevant);

  1. Cookies and Tracking Technologies. Usersmay adjust the settings oftheirbrowsers to disallow cookies from our website or the website of third party entities.
  2. You can send us a request to review, update or delete your Personal Information from our servers
  3. California Privacy Rights.According to California Civil Code Section 1798.83, people resident in California have the right to request certain information regarding our disclosure of Personal Information to third parties for their direct marketing purposes. If you want to make such a request, please contact us at:
  4. EU Data Subject Rights. Every bit of Personal Information we collect and receive according to our Privacy Policy is handled with strict compliance with the GDPR. If you are based in the EU, you may;
    1. Access the Personal Information pertaining to you that we hold. Reward Group Aps may require you to provide us certain credentials strictly for the purpose of authenticating your identity before we grant you access. If you discover that the Personal Information we hold is not correct, you can provide us the necessary information to change it and update our records.
    2. Withdraw consent to the processing of your Personal Information at any time. Should you choose to, please contact us to have your information removed from our system. Note that deleting your information does not have any impact on the lawfulness of processing it before you withdrew consent.
    3. Request to restrict access or completely remove your Personal Information. Should you choose to take any of the above-mentioned actions, the law permits you to request to be informed about the compliance of third parties that hold your Personal Information to your decision.
    4. Oppose the processing of your Personal Information for direct marketing purposes, in the event that your Personal Information had been used for such purposes.
    5. Exercise the right to file a complaint with a data protection supervisory authority.
  5. Canada. If you are basedin Canada, the law allows you to to request certain information regarding our disclosure of Personal Information to third parties for their direct marketing purposes. If you want to make such a request, please contact us at:
  • Information Security

Reward Group Aps, our Partners and other affiliated third parties employ efficient data practices and security systems to ensure that every bit of information received, processed and stored on our serversand systems are well secured.To illustrate, our website is encrypted by using SSL and in addition to the encryption, we run periodic checks toconstantly monitor andreview our information and data collection practices. We also employ third party processing and serving services that implement multiple information security standards and certifications. Data is also duly monitored and filtered at different levels such that not every personnel in our organization can access your information.With such security systems and data practices in place, the chances of a security breach have been reduced to the barest minimum. Nevertheless, we can not guarantee absolute security on the world-wide network orimmunity from unauthorized access to the information we hold. If you want to find out more about our security systems,please contact us at:

  • Children’s Privacy

Children under the age of 16 are recommended against visiting our site as neither our website nor our services are designed for persons in that age range. We do not intend to receive Personal Information for a childbelow 16 years of age and if we find that we have, Reward Group Aps will employ every reasonable effort to remove the information from our system as soon as it is discovered. If you believe that we might have collected information of a person below the age of 16, please send us an email at:

  • Non-US Users

At our discretion, we may send your information outside your current country of residence or the country where the information was collected with the inclusion of countries which may not provide an equal level of protection for Personal Information as in your country of residence. Notwithstanding, Reward Group Aps will ensure that contractual safeguards are in place so that your information can be processed adequately without compromising the privacy of our users, should information be transferred to third parties in countries with lax laws and regulations on the protection of users’ personal information. By using our services, you are consenting to the transfer of your information outside your resident country, including the US in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

  • Commitment

At Reward Group Aps, we value your privacy and we are committed to safeguarding the information we collect and receive. We are constantly developing our website and improving on our services to ensure that our data practices meet the requirements of the variousjurisdictions from where users can access our website.

  • Contact Us

We have simplified this Privacy Policy to make it easy for our users toread and understand. Nevertheless, if there is a section you would like more clarification on or you have general questions about our website and services, please send an email to our privacy compliance teamat: info@rewardgroupltd.comand we will attend to whatever needs you may have.